John Deere

Need high-quality John Deere sales & service? At Breyers Sales and Service, Inc we sell a wide variety of vehicles and tools. With one visit to our shop, you’ll be prepared for the precipitation of winter, spring, summer, and fall. When the big one hits, be prepared with front blades for your tractor.

Our highly trained staff is prepared to advise, repair, and sell you whatever you need to stay one step ahead of the weather. Clear the sidewalk and driveway for your kids and the whole neighborhood without breaking your back by investing in one of our snow blowers. Tired of pushing your noisy lawnmower around in the summer heat? We proudly service, sell, and repair:



  • D series – (entry level)
  • X series – (select high quality lawn & garden tractors)
  • Z Series – (0 turn mowers)
  • Accessories & More:
    • Front Blades
    • Snowblowers
    • Utility carts
    • Baggers

Our goal at Breyers Sales and Service, Inc is to ease the burden of lawn care with knowledgeable and affordable John Deere sales & service. Don’t wait until the road is blocked off! Don’t wait until the grass is growing past your windowpane. Come in, browse our whole inventory, and let our staff field any questions you might have.


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